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Data: Vivo wins Euro 2020 most increased search interest

July 13, 2021

Vivo saw the biggest spike in searches as a result of its Euro 2020 advertising. The analysis of Google Trends data by advertising experts N.Rich shows that searches for Vivo spiked to nearly four times the brand’s average number of searches, reaching a high on June 13th, the third day of the Euros.

The Chinese phone company saw the highest relative increase in searches among the six official sponsors of Euro 2020. Beer company Heineken came in second, with search interest more than tripling as a result of its Euro 2020 advertising. Fellow sponsor Qatar Airways also saw a hike in searches, with interest increasing to more than double its 2021 average.

Coca Cola had the lowest increase in search interest compared to its yearly average among all the sponsors, despite spending an average of $4 billion a year on advertising.

TikTok also saw one of the lowest spikes in searches, despite being the most downloaded app in the world in 2021 searches for the social media platform barely increased by half its yearly average during the Euros.

Search interest in food delivery company Just Eat increased by just over half compared to its yearly average.

Vivo was announced as an official partner of UEFA Euro 2020 and 2024 last October, and served as the official smartphone provider for the rescheduled Euros in 2021.

A spokesperson for N.Rich, which conducted the research, said: “These results demonstrate the power of a world-famous event like the Euros to supercharge interest in your brand. All the brands saw a considerable increase in interest during the tournament, but Vivo has benefited the most and it will be interesting to see whether it can maintain this increased interest and continue to build on it.”

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