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VentureBeat chooses AnyClip

July 13, 2021

AnyClip, continuing to ride the momentum sparked by the recent closing of a new $47 million (US) investment, has announced an exclusive live events partnership with VentureBeat. Through this deal, VentureBeat has chosen AnyClip’s Visual Intelligence platform to power its upcoming events, beginning with Transform 2021.  This follows a successful collaboration in 2020. 

Widely regarded as the “the AI event of the year for business executives” (produced by the #1 publisher of AI coverage), Transform 2020 marked the first all-virtual presentation of VentureBeat’s annual tent-pole conference last July.  To support the new format, the media company sought to maximize the audience, editorial, and business opportunities of their event while attracting and engaging a large global audience.

The result: AnyClip’s holistic video distribution strategy and its data- and AI-driven Visual Intelligence Platform increased viewership 24X vs VentureBeat’s prior virtual events, raising the overall value for attendees and sponsors alike.  In fact, this exponential increase in unique viewers took place within five days of the live event, as video replays on the event’s video hub more than doubled the number of live/same day streams, maximizing the video’s “life after live.”  Additionally, overall engagement with Transform 2020 content exceeded the previous month’s editorial video engagement rates by 161 percent.

Said Ben Ilfeld, Head of Product, VentureBeat, “As VentureBeat expands Transform 2021 from three days to a full week of activities for enterprise business and technology decision-makers, we are again partnering with AnyClip to help us reach and engage the broadest audience possible with our comprehensive coverage across the breadth and depth of the world of applied AI.” He added, “The digital event experience has become a material element of our business and AnyClip has proven they are the video technology partner for us.”

Said Gil Becker, president and CEO of AnyClip, “We’re delighted to be collaborating again with VentureBeat and are proud of the value our holistic video strategy delivered, engaging their target audiences prior to, during and post Transform 2020.”  He added, “This long-tail content strategy allowed VentureBeat to not only maintain its loyal following among the B2B executive community but to also add new members to this audience.”

AnyClip recently launched the first fully-automated and centralized platform for video management, distribution, marketing, analytics and monetization, powered by its proprietary Visual Intelligence Technology.  Capable of harvesting data from video 10x faster than real time, the AnyClip platform delivers an innovative, scalable and uniquely data-rich solution for businesses across all verticals looking to make videos from live events more discoverable, searchable and engageable. 

Like in 2020, VentureBeat will once again use AnyClip’s video players to bring daily, live streaming of each Transform 2021 session to Once sessions conclude, AnyClip’s core Visual Intelligence Technology will use AI to automatically tag, aggregate and organize video from the conference into curated categories, channels and playlists — on a dedicated video-on-demand event hub — and activate advanced video search tools that make it easy for viewers to find and rewatch sessions at any time.  Using the player’s unique, data-powered capabilities, the most relevant Transform videos are matched in context to their surrounding articles, driving increased engagement and discoverability.

Additionally, through an interactive “X-ray” call-to-action overlay appearing within the video player UI, VentureBeat can automatically promote links through which their audience can read more about featured speakers and sponsoring brands as they are featured within streaming video content.  AnyClip is also maximizing revenue opportunities for VentureBeat through a mix of integrated graphic sponsorships, branded content amplification and pre-roll advertising that delivers visibility, contextual alignment and interaction for the event’s brand partners at scale.

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