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AEW launches AEW Elite General Manager game

July 16, 2021

AEW Elite General Manager, the officially-licensed fantasy booking game that wrestling fans have been eagerly waiting for since it was first announced in November 2020, is now available worldwide to download and play on iOS and Android devices.

AEW’s mobile wrestling management simulator from Crystallized Games is the second title released under the AEW GAMES banner.

In AEW Elite General Manager, players assume the role of the newest general manager of AEW DYNAMITE, drafting a roster of wrestlers, building matches and running the show to generate revenue, new fans and effects on wrestlers’ stamina and morale. To be a successful manager in AEW Elite General Manager, a player must appeal to the foundation of the business: the fans.

Every week, players must build, book and sell the most-entertaining AEW shows possible – or it’s game over. Additionally, AEW Elite General Manager offers players the ability to play head-to-head competitively with other managers around the world to determine who can run the best AEW DYNAMITE show and claim the title of “Elite General Manager.”

Along with a variety of match types to select from, players can customize their chosen wrestlers from the expansive AEW roster with a wide range of available gimmicks, weapons and items which provide various abilities and powerful effects.

AEW Elite General Manager also puts a player’s skills and strategies as a capable AEW promoter to the test by offering daily missions and a Challenge Mode where managers complete various challenges ranging in difficulty to earn unique achievements and special rewards.

AEW Elite GM is designedt o be enjoyed by first-timers and casuals of wrestling GM games, while also offering the depth and complexity desired byveterans of the genre.Players can get started right away by downloading AEW Elite General Manager on Google Play and on the App Store.

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