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NAGRA welcomes Operation 404 progress

July 16, 2021

By Colin Mann

Content protection and multiscreen television solutions provider NAGRA has declared it is proud to be working with Latin American anti-piracy association Alianza once again in leveraging its anti-piracy capabilities to bring down criminal activity in Brazil as part of Operação 404 (Operation 404), a partnership spanning local, regional, public and private organisations in many countries.

“With the third phase of Operation 404 now underway, NAGRA – on behalf of Alianza – is continuing to play an important role in providing its industry and legal expertise and solutions to support the ongoing efforts and persistence of Brazilian government authorities, law enforcement and other agencies in taking down pirate organisations,” asserts Pascal Métral, VP of Legal Affairs and Head of Anti-Piracy Intelligence, Investigations and Litigation, NAGRA.

“Operation 404 is an important, multi-jurisdictional effort designed to curb digital pirates throughout Brazil, a country where consumption of pirated local and international content remains massive and very impactful for the entertainment and media industry,” he notes.

“The first phase of the programme, carried out in 2019, featured more than 300 takedowns, including 210 illegal websites and 100 illegal applications,” he reports. “The second phase, which took place last year, resulted in a total of 25 judicial search and seizure warrants across ten Brazilian states, as well as 252 websites and 65 streaming applications, reaching more than 26 million users, being blocked or suspended. This third phase addressed 334 pirate websites and 94 pirate streaming applications. These repeated efforts by law enforcement and the industry are certainly contributing to mitigate audiovisual piracy in Brazil,” he concludes .

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