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Mechdyne: “8K natural evolution toward higher fidelity displays”

July 21, 2021

Kurt Hoffmeister, the co-founder and now Display Technology Consultant at Mechdyne, in an opinion piece for the 8K Association, reminds readers that the audio-visual industry never stands still and the latest 8K developments are the latest step in the never-ending demand for improved resolution in image quality.

“Just as 4K has become a commonplace term, we are now seeing the introduction of 8K displays for home and professional use,” says Hoffmeister. “An 8K experience is big, bold, and detailed: 8K is the next step forward from 4K. This takes us way beyond full HD, which is still in widespread use.”

“It’s important to consider that 8K and higher resolution displays have been installed in commercial and research applications for decades. However, these displays and necessary video products were done by building up a solution using an array of smaller resolution displays (like using multiple projectors, or LCD panels, or direct view LED sub-panels),” he adds.

However, he cautions that 8K excellence depends on many aspects, not least the distance from the viewer to the display. “8K is another step in the natural evolution toward higher fidelity displays. There are always early adopters of new technology but successful implementation of 8K systems requires examination of all elements of production, integration, and end-use. There are also multiple ways to achieve 8K resolution and even go beyond 8K resolution. The best starting point in any selection process is at the end; how will the display be used and what are those end-user’s content and display goals. […] Today’s user might or might not be ready for 8K. Only after knowing what the display goals and success look like can the right choices be made.”

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