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LAGUNA OCTAL solution chosen to receive the signal for Olympics

July 28, 2021

Sapec’s versatile LAGUNA solution has once more been selected for a project of great relevance within Sports Broadcast. This time is the OCTAL model, which will meet the requirements established by the Spanish public broadcaster of receiving the signals from the Japanese capital and must be simultaneously encoded and distributed.

For simultaneous processing of these 36 signals, SAPEC will provide 9 pcs of LAGUNA OCTAL (1RU each). These 36 signals are divided into 18 signals encoded in HEVC/H.264 4:2:2 that arrive in Madrid from the International Broadcast Center established in Tokyo, and 18 signals that will also be distributed RTVE. This implies that, in these 9 rack units, LAGUNA OCTAL offers 18 encoders and 18 HEVC/H.264 decoders that work simultaneously.

For the management of the inputs and outputs of the 36 signals, LAGUNA OCTAL provides per unit: 8x HD-BNC interfaces (configurable as ASI or SDI) and 4x 1Gb Ethernet interfaces allowing to establish redundancy and concurrency of paths both in ASI and IP.

In addition, LAGUNA counts with hot-swappable redundant power supplies, an important advantage in ensuring easy maintenance and without interrupting the operation of the equipment to change a power supply.

Future possibilities of the equipment:

The solution provided supports 4x audio PID services per video signal (4×36), with the possibility of upgrading to 8x PID of audio per video signal (8×36).

These units are also prepared to support different functionalities in case the Spanish Broadcaster considers them necessary in the future such as: SRT Protocol: To guarantee a secure transmissions over public IP networks.

CONVERSION SCTE 104 <-> SCTE35: For local ad/content insertion management. UP/DOWN Conversion: To convert the received signal from HD->SD or SD->HD.

Finally, it is necessary to highlight the flexibility of LAGUNA in terms of adapting the Layout (internal architecture of the unit). This means that these units, that today have a Layout of 2 HEVC encoders and 2 HEVC decoders each (1RU), can adapt to future needs. This means that any of these units can be reused after this event for other types of applications. What today are 2 encoders and 2 HEVC/H.264 decoders, it can easily be upgraded via software to for example:

· (Up to) 8x H.264 Encoders

· (Up to) 4x HEVC Encoders

· Any of the above with internal multiplexer (MPTS output)

· 8x Decoders HEVC/H.264/MPEG-2

· etc.…

This versatility guarantees the client a future proof investment. Since not only the CAPEX investment is justified by the capacity of transformation and adaptation of LAGUNA, but in addition, the solution is based on Pay as you Grow software model, where the client will not have to worry about investing on anything else but what they need and when they need it.

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