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Telenet ends ad skipping

August 11, 2021

Liberty Global’s Belgian service provider Telenet is to stop subscribers skipping ads on recorded and catch-up shows.

It says that in response to requests from Belgian broadcasters, it is to force viewers to sit through one minute of adverts before any recordings of content from DPG Media’s VTM and SBS’s Play channels from September.

At the same time, the operator is to prevent users of its catch-up TV service, Terugkijk TV, from fast-forwarding through ad breaks. Viewers will still be able to fast-forward through programme content.

When the switch takes place, subscribers will automatically receive seven days of Terugkijk TV free of charge, and Telenet is also promising new functionality to its service.

DPG Media and SBS will be the first to introduce the revised advertising models for their VTM, VTM 2, VTM 3, VTM 4, VTM Gold, Play4, Play5, Play6, and Play7 channels. Één,

Telenet said the move is to help broadcasters who are struggling as a result of changes in viewing habits that are forcing them to run adverts for longer runs in order to reach the requisite number of viewers promised to clients, reducing the amount of inventory they can sell. It says that other operators in the country are supportive of these changes and are “holding constructive talks” with broadcasters about making similar moves.



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