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SES, Intelsat want August 19 ‘sealed’ hearing

August 13, 2021

Both SES and Intelsat are seeking an expedited hearing and court approval for a ‘sealed session’ for an upcoming hearing on August 19th as part of the pair’s litigation in the overall C-band dispute to be heard on a confidential basis.

The two litigants stated to Intelsat’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy court: “These [August 19] motions contain Non-Public Information that is not generally known. SES and the Debtors will likely discuss this Non-Public Information at the Hearing.”

The court is due to hear the pair’s application: “Joint Motion for Entry of An Order Directing the Sealing of the Hearing on SES Americom, Inc.’s and Debtors’ Cross Motions for Summary Judgment (the “Sealing Motion”) and their Joint Motion for an Expedited Hearing regarding the Sealing Motion [Docket 2593] (collectively, the “Motions”).”

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