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Thailand fails to find more satellite bidders

August 17, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Thailand’s attempt to encourage more bidders for the nation’s orbital satellite slots has failed.

TC Space Connect, a subsidiary of existing incumbent Thaicom, is again the sole bidder. National Telecom (NT) has not proceeded with a bid.

The official auction is due to be held on August 28th. The existing satellite concession for Thaicom ends on September 10th.

NT, despite “buying” a qualifying bid envelope on August 6th failed to carry its bid forward and did not follow up with its banker’s guarantee.

“Participating in the satellite orbital slot auction is not the only way to operate a satellite business,” the NT source told the Bangkok Post. “NT can do it through other models, such as operating a satellite gateway business for foreign satellites or forming a partnership with others to provide satellite services. Building a new geostationary satellite and sending it to space is not a favourable option for NT because it is hard to expect a return from the investment.”

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