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Crunch time approaches for SES vs Intelsat

August 18, 2021

SES and Intelsat have listed their respective witnesses for the upcoming trial between the two litigants over the SES claim for a larger share of the FCC’s incentive payments in regard to their alleged C-band agreement.

The action is expected to commence on September 20th. The two parties were obliged to issue their list of witnesses by Aug 16. Some individuals appear on both litigant‘s list.

SES says it expects to present testimony from:
Steve Collar
Steven Corda
John Purvis
Stephen Spengler
David Tolley
Dianne VanBeber

SES adds that it may also present testimony from (if the need arises):
Christophe De Hauwer
Peter Pitsch
William Tolpegin

Intelsat’s list includes:
Yves Bausch
Michelle Bryan
Bruno Fromont
Stephen Spengler
David Tolley

Intelsat adds that if the need arises they will present testimony from:
Patrick Campbell
Susan Crandall
Christophe de Hauwer
Jeffrey Eisenach
Thomas McNamara
Gerald Oberst
Peter Pitsch
Marius Schwartz
Aaron Shourie
William Tolpegin
Petra Vorwig

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