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SpotGenie completes integration with WideOrbit

August 18, 2021

SpotGenie, a provider of digital media services to the advertising, entertainment, and broadcast industries, has completed the integration between its video ad management and delivery platform and WideOrbit, a specialist in broadcast TV and radio inventory and revenue workflow management.

SpotGenie says this integration will allow end-to-end electronic transfer of material instructions from its ‘Blaze’ Agency Traffic Generation/Distribution system to WideOrbit’s Electronic Material Instructions module for WO Traffic, the company’s flagship ad sales and commercial operations platform.

Wayne Dykes, CEO of SpotGenie, commented: “As the final piece of our five-year plan to improve the linear television traffic workflow chain, we are very proud to be partnering with WideOrbit. We started this process in 2016 by introducing our traffic validation feature, ‘Cross-Check’. We added our attribution analytics platform, ‘Performance’, in 2018 and our automation-assisted traffic generation system, ‘Blaze’, in 2020. This integration of systems with WideOrbit is the final significant step towards modernising television traffic workflow processes. For advanced TV to actually fulfil its promise in a big way, it was imperative that the traffic process be sped up to match the pace of programmatic buying platforms. With WideOrbit being the most widely used platform by television and radio traffic departments, this is a game changer for SpotGenie clients.”

Will Offeman, WideOrbit Chief Product Officer, said, “A significant step forward in automation for what was previously a highly manual process, WideOrbit’s Electronic Material Instructions module is designed to help our broadcast TV and radio customers maximize revenue, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. We’re excited to add this new integration with SpotGenie’s Blaze agency system.”

SpotGenie will be rolling out this automated material instructions option to existing clients over the next few weeks.

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