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TVSquared partners with AdImpac

August 18, 2021

TVSquared, a global player in converged TV ad measurement and attribution, has partnered with AdImpact, a provider of ad intelligence data for fast, smart decisions, to offer real-time reach, frequency and, increasingly important, incremental reach metrics for political connected TV (CTV) ad campaigns.

TV viewers, not bound by time, location, platforms or devices, can consume content whenever, however and wherever they want. For advertisers, that means reevaluating their video media mixes to reach audiences “where they are.” In the case of political advertising, a long-time mainstay of linear, changing viewing habits has led to more ad spend being devoted to CTV. In fact, AdImpact has projected that $1.5 billion will go to CTV for the 2022 elections, across gubernatorial, Senate, House and down-ballot races.

With sophisticated audience analytics and targeting capabilities, CTV is a powerful tool to find, reach and engage with audiences that advertisers wouldn’t be able to with linear alone. Through their partnership, TVSquared and AdImpact offer political advertisers real-time, privacy-compliant analytics to:

· Measure CTV impressions with the most accurate reach and frequency metrics, and hold publishers accountable for impression delivery and goals

· Quantify incremental reach over linear and across platforms

· Identify the point of diminishing returns (when audiences become overexposed) and optimal ad frequency

· Find efficiencies, optimise campaigns to specific audiences and retarget them throughout the course of a campaign.

“Our partnership with TVSquared will bring a new set of performance metrics to political campaigns,” said Kyle Roberts, CEO, AdImpact. “We are allowing candidates to connect paid media to website and fundraising performance in real time, bringing an entirely new level of accountability and transparency to TV advertising.”

“TV continues to reinvent itself and TV measurement is too,” said Bob Ivins, Chief Strategy Officer, TVSquared. “With eyeballs moving from linear to streaming, and ad dollars following, advertisers want tools to consistently measure campaign reach, frequency and effectiveness across platforms. It’s about having holistic campaign metrics, not platform-specific ones. We are looking forward to working with AdImpact to do just that for political candidates and causes.”

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