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BBC updates news app

August 19, 2021

The BBC is updating its BBC News app, and has shared on update on its progress so far.

In a blog post, Jo Mitchell, BBC Executive Product Manager, News and Weather Apps, wrote:” The app is still very much in development, but we’ve been rolling out some changes to a small group of people who are testing an early version. Next up, we’ll be asking more people to test this work in progress app to help us shape its future.”

”A major focus for us is personalisation. The app will be personalised from the beginning, and we will ask you to sign in to enable this, so you can discover more easily the news that’s important, interesting and relevant to you. The end goal is for you to find something you want to read, watch or listen to every time you open the BBC News app”.”

“In this early version, we’re testing a different way of personalising content starting with ranges of topics aimed at being engaging and interesting for different groups of people. We’re also now offering up stories from the Nations and Regions based on your account location. So as well as major global and UK headlines, it’s now easier to find out about what’s happening closer to home. We will of course be making sure that key moments and headlines are still front and centre in the app – from national elections to major sporting moments and news from across the world. We’ll be bringing you the biggest stories from BBC News that we think you should know about, plus all the benefits of an increasingly tailored experience.”

“We want to create a great app experience, one that makes it easier than ever to stay on top of what matters, with all the biggest stories and videos, along with content and recommendations tailored to you. A crucial part of rolling out an improved version of the BBC News app is testing – we’ll continue to try out new features and ideas – and we look forward to sharing another update on our progress soon.”

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