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FACT warns against Premier League piracy

August 19, 2021

By Colin Mann

With the 2021/22 English Premier League football season under way, some fans may be tempted to stream live coverage of matches illegally rather than watch them through the proper channels.

However Kieron Sharp, CEO of UK intellectual property protection organisation FACT, is warning of the risk that they are taking and that they are exposing themselves and their families to fraud, malware and scams.

“Now that the new Premier League season is in full swing, some fans may be tempted not to view the matches appropriately on proper channels or selected devices and the risks for users are not without consequences,” says Sharp. “By clicking on links or misleading adverts fans are opening themselves up to their device being infected by a virus ransomware attacks, or even a data breach.”

“Cybersecurity firm Webroot recently found that 92 per cent of illegal streaming sites used for pirating sports content over a single weekend were promoting a range of Bitcoin and mobile app scams, as well as containing malware threats. In addition, watching content live via an unauthorised website or add-on can expose viewers (young and old) to explicit advertisements and age-inappropriate content. Unlike most legal sources, these unauthorised websites, devices, apps and the content that they can access have no effective parental controls,” he advises.

“We need to raise awareness with fans, who have to understand that illegal streaming of course constitutes breaking the law but is above all dangerous for them and their families,” he concludes.

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