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LEO flat-panel from OneWeb

August 24, 2021

Low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite operator OneWeb has unveiled what it says is its newest and smallest user terminal to offer high-speed Internet connectivity to businesses, governments and communities across the globe and in remote locations.

Developed in partnership with antenna specialist Intellian Technologies and Collins Aerospace, the Compact-Electronically Steered Antenna OW1 user terminal, will play a key role in realising OneWeb’s vision of bringing high-performance, easily installed, affordable communications services to the world’s least-connected regions and industrial sectors.

The OW1 terminal will bring performance, adaptability and a low profile that will make it ideal for delivering OneWeb-powered satellite broadband in a wide range of settings. The flat-panel antenna at the heart of the unit is easily installed, only requiring basic mounting and wiring skills to install and, coming in at 50x43x10 cm and around 10 kg, is about the size of a briefcase.

“We are so excited to bring this user terminal to market, and we thank Intellian and Collins for their invaluable partnership in making it a reality,” commented Michele Franci, OneWeb’s Chief of Delivery. “OneWeb’s vision of connecting the world requires the hardware to do it, and we are pleased to be able to offer an affordable, compact and easy-to-install user terminal. It will connect and empower communities and small to medium-sized businesses, opening up applications for a wide variety of purposes, including community Wi-Fi in remote regions; rural retail point-of-sale systems; agricultural Internet of Things functions; and internet service in hotels, health clinics, research stations and more, located in places that the status quo has left unconnected.”

The flat-panel antenna will integrate with a OneWeb satellite modem in an environmentally sealed outdoor unit, can be installed using an optional stabilised J-mount and will connect via a single combined power and data cable to an indoor unit that will in turn provide connectivity to the end user devices, such as laptops or routers

The device follows the successful completion of OneWeb’s ‘Five to 50’ launch programme that has delivered the satellites required to bring OneWeb services to Canada, the UK and Northern Europe later in 2021. OneWeb is on track to deploy its full fleet of satellites by 2022.

“This agreement marks another exciting milestone in our great partnership with OneWeb, delivering another unique Intellian user terminal to address new markets and requirements with a high bandwidth and low latency user experience,” declared Eric Sung, President and CEO, Intellian Technologies. “The OW1 is our first flat-panel antenna, following years of investment in R&D, expanding our comprehensive OneWeb portfolio. This user terminal is a continuation of our ongoing mission of ‘Empowering Connectivity’, allowing customers in remote and challenging environments to access a cost effective and enhanced user experience otherwise inaccessible to them. The OW1 from Intellian along with OneWeb’s LEO service, can enable business growth, empower education and support the delivery of critical services in communities on a global scale.”

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