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August 31, 2021

CBS Reality, the #1 factual entertainment channel in the UK amongst women 16+, announced the line-up of new true crime original programming for the Autumn, including premiering series “Donal MacIntyre: Released to Kill” and “Murder: First on Scene” and season six of “Murder by the Sea”.

Sam Rowden, Vice President of Content and Production, CBS Channels, said, “These new and returning CBS Reality original series are true representations of expert-led factual content which reinforce our strategy to offer authentic and compelling programming to UK audiences. We’re excited to welcome back channel favourite Donal MacIntyre, who will front a series providing an insight into the striking levels of reoffending in the UK; we will explore the sometimes mind-boggling experiences of first responders in “Murder: First on Scene;” and Dr Nell Darby will take us back to the dark side of the British seaside in new episodes of “Murder by the Sea,” one of the channel’s top-performing series.”

“Donal MacIntyre: Released to Kill” (10×60’) is hosted by renowned journalist and criminologist Donal MacIntyre and explores the criminal investigations behind murders committed by previously convicted individuals.

Each episode tells the story of one tragic murder, examining the backgrounds and potential motives of the murderers, before and after prison. The series will interrogate the British criminal justice system and the complexities of the parole process, ultimately unveiling how and why these criminals committed a murder after being released. The cases are explored with the help of archive news footage, specially shot dramatic reconstructions and interviews with those who were involved in the actual events.

MacIntyre talks to a range of experts including leading criminal psychiatrists, prosecutors, probation officers and prison governors, to reveal the criminals’ murderous actions which often occur just days after their release from prison. These conversations are conducted from the “Crime Hub”, leading to the conclusion as to whether or not the murder could have been prevented.

The series was produced by Emporium Productions and will premiere on 3rd November at 10pm.

“Murder: First on Scene” follows the step-by-step processes used by first responders throughout the investigation from start to finish. With the clock ticking, each case will be examined, analyzing the collaborative techniques used by a whole range of professionals from the 999 call handlers and paramedics through investigative, family liaison, forensics and arresting officers all the way to the prosecuting barrister, in an attempt to bring the perpetrator to justice. The 10×60’ series was produced by Phoenix Television and premieres on 16th November at 10pm.

In season six of “Murder by the Sea” (10×60’) crime historian and author Dr Nell Darby reprises her role as the host as she investigates further cases of seaside murders including a case in which Philip Manning, the perpetrator, sparked a nationwide manhunt after killing his wife in a small town near Newport, Wales, on Christmas Day 1994. The new episodes debut on 7th September at 10pm, and were produced by Monster Films.

CBS Reality will also air a number of acquisitions this Autumn including the UK TV premieres of season thirteen of “Snapped: Killer Couples”, new episodes of “Homicide’s Elite”, season three as well as season sixteen of “Medical Detectives” and the “Medical Detectives: 25 Years Special” which are exclusive to CBS Reality in the UK.

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