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Sea Forest LIVE on WildEarth

August 31, 2021

WildEarth has launched a new daily freediving experience from The Great African Sea Forest. The kelp forest around Cape Town at the southern tip of Africa is one of the most bio-diverse and bio-abundant areas in the world and has recently been named one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Many of the sea animals encountered here, such as pyjama sharks or the african penguin, are endemic to this forest and found nowhere else.

Together with Cape Town Freediving, and their community of freedivers, WildEarth premiered Sea Forest LIVE on Wednesday, 25th August 2021. The one hour show will continue to air daily at 13h30 (Central African/Central European Time / 07h30 AM US Eastern Time).

The goal of this brand new, one-of-a-kind experience is to provide all those landlubbers around the world with an opportunity to dive and explore this most incredible and unique marine habitat for one-hour every day.

Each dive involves a pair of freedivers (dive buddies) who, equipped with a camera, descend into the Sea Forest in search of marine creatures – all whilst holding their breath. At the same time two local naturalists are watching the live video feed from shore, adding context and explaining what we are looking at. Just like the viewer, the freedivers can hear what the naturalists are saying in real time.

“This is the culmination of all we learnt during safariLIVE over many years and diveLIVE in Grand Cayman in 2018. We have worked hard to provide our viewers with an opportunity to feel like they are really diving into the Sea Forest. I truly hope that this meditative experience becomes a valuable part of our viewers’ lives, just as our daily LIVE safaris have come to mean so much to so many people around the world,” sid Graham Wallington, co-founder and CEO of WildEarth said.

WildEarth is very privileged to have partnered with the very professional, quality and safety-conscious Cape Town Freediving team, to prepare the many freedivers you will be seeing and naturalists you will be hearing, for this ground-breaking project.

Daniela Daines, Co-Founder and Director at Cape Town Freediving had this to say about the Sea Forest collaboration with WildEarth, added: “It is an incredible privilege to collaborate with WildEarth, an organisation driven by the same love for nature and who share the same values and goals. There is simply no more pure or natural way to explore the oceans than to freedive. It teaches us to let go, to be present in this moment, to become part of our environment and to remember our place in nature as a whole.”

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