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VeEX updates fibre product portfolio to address demand

August 31, 2021

VeEX, a global player in innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks, has enhanced its Fibre test solutions portfolio with several new products to meet increased network demand.

Widespread adoption of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH/P) connectivity, implementation of 5G networks, and Distributed Access Architectures (DAA), are a few applications fueling the deployment of fibre-based, broadband network architectures – each technology demands specialised fibre test equipment to which VeEX has proactively responded.

The FTTH/P market, estimated to reach $22.4 billion by 2026, is being driven in part by the migration to work from home (WFH) models. An exodus from the traditional office to a WFH environment has become a reality in almost every country. Responding to this workforce shift and the need for higher residential bandwidth, VeEX has updated its FX81 series PON optical power meters with powerful measurement and test result processing capability enabling service providers to accurately verify and document their EPON/GPON networks and/or perform 10G upgrades based on XGS-PON or 10G EPON technology as well as support legacy 1550 nm RF video service. The new FX85 Optical Return Loss meter allows technicians to verify network components which could impact back reflection and overall link ORL. VeEX now offers several PON optimised OTDRs which feature an enhanced receiver design to better qualify centralized and cascaded filter architectures including networks employing fibre taps.

5G CRAN networks calling for a dense network of antenna towers inter-connected by fibre optic cables are being implemented globally at an astounding pace, with DWDM fast becoming an important cornerstone of most mobile fronthaul and backhaul networks. The newly designed RXT-4113+ xWDM OTDR module for VeEX’s RXT platform features unrivalled dead zone performance and is the only C/DWDM OTDR to offer up to 3 cm resolution, critical for detecting impairments in FTTA applications where fibre runs are short or when MUXs are spaced closely together. The OTDR’s intuitive user interface, along with simple-to-interpret linkmaps, empowers fibre network technicians to effectively verify what has been until now, a daunting technology to implement.

Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) allows MSOs to better scale their networks while reducing their dependency on legacy RF technologies. DAA is a major evolution of the cable access network where Remote PHY devices (RPDs) or Remote MAC/PHY devices (RMDs) are connected to secondary hubs using multiple 10 Gb/s DWDM backhaul links. The FX87 DWDM tunable laser source is specifically designed to address the challenges of rolling out DWDM technology with its ability to emulate any ITU-T C-band wavelength at either 50 GHz or 100 GHz spacing. Fibre technicians can verify DWDM link continuity and characterize end-to-end system loss using an FX82 companion power meter prior to service activation.

Fibre inspection across all network types has never been more critical – the newly introduced DI-3000 FiberScope is the perfect tool for any fibre technician since it offers both wired and wireless support across the widest range of host platforms including mobile devices and VeEX testers. Powerful analysis software and a broad range of tips enables IEC compliant, Pass/Fail endface inspection across multiple connector types.

“The urgency of the Coivd-19 situation has prompted broadband funding opportunities around the world,” said Nancy Lee, Director of Product Marketing, Optical Division at VeEX. “Full-Fibre networks typically receive the highest preference in terms of funding including the US RDOF programme.  Broadband is no longer considered a luxury, but a necessity and thanks to government initiatives we are witnessing an unprecedented demand for innovative and cost-effective fibre test solutions. The cost-effective design criteria implemented in all our products puts them in reach of budget conscious customers without compromising performance,” she continued.

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