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Pixellot brings AI streaming to field hockey in New Zealand

September 15, 2021

Pixellot, the AI-automated sports production solutions, and CelloSport, a New Zealand organization focused on increasing access to community sports, have announced a new partnership. The initial mutual project will make community hockey games available via live stream.

As part of the initiative, CelloSport has installed several of Pixellot’s fully automated sports production systems, enabling fans to watch professional quality coverage of community sports when they cannot attend in person.

The associations currently using the AI-enabled sports production technology include North Harbour, Wellington Hockey, Manawatu Hockey, and Waikato Hockey. As of 16th August, they have broadcast 39 hockey games between them, with associations responsible for choosing how many games they will live-stream each weekend.

Parent company Cello, New Zealand’s leading business network provider, is the owner and operator of Cello Sport.

“At Cello we understand that great network solutions are the platforms for digital innovation. We set up CelloSports to connect men, women, and youth athletes at every level. Pixellot supports this mission, helping our hockey associations engage their communities effectively and affordably.” Said Mark Jurgeleit, CEO at Cello and CelloSport. “We have already ordered a second shipment of Pixellot systems to extend the opportunity to football clubs. Communities are the reason behind this whole project: CelloSport is about connecting communities, and we’re already seeing sponsors sign up to support the initiative.”

“We are excited by how easy Pixellot makes it for us to broadcast TV-like footage.” Said Riki Burgess, CEO of the North Harbour Association. “The cameras provide great quality video coverage, allowing families and fans throughout New Zealand to enjoy the excitement of community hockey.”

“We are delighted to be able to help community sports teams in New Zealand engage their fan bases via professional-quality live streams.” Said Alon Werber, CEO at Pixellot. “The cost of production used to prohibit local clubs from broadcasting games, but Pixellot changes that. Our fully automated production workflow can generate and deliver high-quality footage without a person in the loop.”

“We appreciate the value of communities, alongside the connection families have with our restaurants’ Said Scott Horton, owner of McDonald’s Newtown, one of the local sponsors of the Wellington Pilot. “Sports teams often play a central role in bringing these communities together, and that’s why it’s crucial we help clubs use technologies like Pixellot to enhance this dynamic.”

Pixellot’s vast experience in providing cost-efficient professional coverage for men’s and women’s leagues, as well as youth, and amateur sports, has made it the solution of choice for thousands of leagues and teams around the world.

The award-winning, AI-automated technology is now used in thousands of venues worldwide, live-streaming upwards of 80,000 games per month.

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