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vidIQ launches Daily Ideas AI tool

September 15, 2021

Tech company vidIQ has announced the introduction of a new AI-driven tool for video creators – Daily Ideas.

Developed for content creators looking for inspiration in today’s always-on video culture, Daily Ideas uses machine learning to surface the most relevant creative opportunities that will resonate with a specific creators’ audience. The tool gets smarter day by day, so the more it’s used, the more valuable it becomes to that creator.

Daily Ideas:

  • Spurs Creativity: Offers personalized prompts to keep the creative juices flowing and avoid frustration.
  • Predicts the Future: Identifies and ranks the generated ideas likely to get the most views.
  • Refreshes Every Day: Keeps creators up-to-date on trends in real time.

Easy to use, Daily Ideas is a secret weapon for video creators wanting to expand their creativity and drive views. Created by vidIQ’s team of engineers, data scientists, and in-house creators, Daily Ideas is the first in a series of advanced algorithms vidIQ is developing for creators.

“Combining a creator’s creative juices with AI is the future. Our business is built on the belief that innovation results when humans and machines work together,”  said vidIQ CEO Rob Sandie. “We knew that to help creators rise to the challenge of producing fresh videos, we had to enhance their unique creativity. Daily Ideas does that, igniting new ideas by combining amazing creators with an amazing algorithm.”

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