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Azteca Now app launches in Germany, Spain, Portugal

September 16, 2021

The ICARO Media Group’s Azteca Now video app for smartphones and tablets has been released by TV Azteca across iOS and Android stores in Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Azteca Now’s European launch will be marketed and distributed to millions of existing viewers in TV Azteca International’s audience of more than 100 million in its distribution footprint.

The Azteca Now app will provide European audiences with mobile access to TV Azteca International’s premium multi-vertical original content including its telenovelas (soap operas), original movie catalogue, premiere dramatic series, and its ADN40 24/7 news channel.

Specifically, the app includes titles such as Destino, Los Rey and Hombre Tenías que Ser, television series such as Demencia, Drenaje Profundo and Lucho en Familia, and movies such as El Gavilan Pollero, La Amargura de mi Raza and La Hija del Ministro.

“After the successful launch of the Azteca Now AI-driven media app in partnership with TV Azteca in 13 countries across parts of North America, Central America, the Caribbean and South America to over 50 million subscribers, we are pleased to announce our joint expansion and entry into the European markets starting with Germany, Spain and Portugal,” stated Paul Feller, Chairman and CEO of ICARO Media Group. “We believe that the Azteca Now AI-driven premium video app is one of the best media technology platforms in the market and we are extremely pleased that the wonderful team at TV Azteca share our vision and confidence to expand the best dynamic AI-driven digital media app with premium LatAm original content.”

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