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InCoax unveils its D2501

September 28, 2021

Following the release of InCoax D2501, which was unveiled at this year’s Broadband Forum’s UFBB Virtual Conference, Multi-Gigabit and Gigabit symmetrical broadband services in small and mid-sized Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) are now possible. Operators and service providers across Europe and North America will more easily be able to extend fiber GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON and Active Ethernet services with minimal construction work, over the existing in-building coaxial infrastructure.

InCoax’s fiber access extension technology solves the ‘Last Mile Challenge’ of providing Gigabit or Multi-Gigabit broadband services to MDUs. It cost-effectively uses the existing in-house coax cable infrastructure, positioning it as the time-saving alternative to pulling new cables, as well as helping to meet sustainability targets. This subsequently increases property reach and grows the addressable market size for operators.

The modems can be self-installed by tenants, saving time and money when installing and launching services. It can also be rolled-out in stages which shortens time for revenue, lowers initial CAPEX and contributes to faster overall Return on investment (ROI) for operators. The system offers symmetrical broadband services with low latency, and a fiber-like experience that outperforms any legacy technology such as to match the increasing market demand for seamless streaming, gaming and working from home.

“InCoax continues to facilitate Multi-Gigabit and Gigabit broadband speeds for subscribers and our technology ensures that operators can undertake fast and non-intrusive installations,” InCoax Head of Marketing, Sales and Product Management Helge Tiainen said. “The latest release of D2501 is the perfect complement to operators’ FTTH strategies to meet fiber roll-out targets across Europe and North America.”

InCoax D2501 DPU (Distribution Point Unit) extends the northbound backbone GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON or Active Ethernet fiber network. D2501 is a Broadband Forum TR-301/TR-419 based DPU for 8, 16 or 31 modems making it the versatile choice for small and mid-sized MDU deployments. The broadband connection point (antenna outlet) is located at the heart of the apartment (unit) for easy Smart TV and IP-TV services access, rendering additional internal wiring unnecessary.

The water-resistant IP-67 casing allows for indoor or outdoor installation in any FTTep (Fiber To The extension point) location. The common Reverse Power Feed option is available when local power is not present at the mounting location. Zero Touch Provisioning of system set-up allows for fast and easy installation of systems and effective use of human resources that saves time and money. It is managed through TR-069, NETCONF/YANG and SNMP protocols for incorporation to operators’ existing management and provisioning systems, making it the perfect complement to fiber roll-out strategies in North America and Europe.

The reliable and ingress safe InCoax technology, communicates using the well-established MoCA standard present in millions of applications worldwide. It can co-exist with DOCSIS, Terrestrial-, Cable- and Satellite-TV, enabling flexible deployments that lower market entry thresholds.

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