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ThinkAnalytics enhances ThinkAdvertising

September 30, 2021

ThinkAnalytics, a global provider of cloud-based personalised content discovery, viewer insight, and targeted advertising solutions, has announced enhancements to ThinkAdvertising that bring even more sophisticated, digital-style ad targeting to the TV sector, and provide opportunities for video service providers to build additional revenue streams.

Chief among the enhancements is the ability to blend first-party behavioural data with a broadened set of enriched metadata for the ultimate in hyper-targeted segmentation. Also new is support for the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) taxonomy used by media buyers for digital ad campaigns, which makes it easier for advertisers to buy and run cross-media campaigns that include TV ads. ThinkAdvertising automates the creation of audience segments using more than 160 IAB audience affinities – for example, people interested in luxury cars or adventure vacations.

With its focus on first-party data, ThinkAdvertising says it now makes it possible to predict a viewer’s purchase intent. By tracking viewing behaviour, the solution can capture and build audience segments that demonstrate an enhanced interest in a particular purchasing category at a particular time. For example, a sudden interest in searching for and watching programmes about trekking vacations signals that the viewer will likely be interested in being served ads from companies that offer trekking tours.

“Targeted or addressable advertising has fallen far behind what’s available in the digital media world because it has been hampered by the lack of accurate targeting attributes,” said Tony Mooney, SVP of Advertising at ThinkAnalytics. “ThinkAdvertising is a critical component in the TV fight-back, helping video service providers capture more advertising dollars by providing new and existing TV advertisers with engaged hyper-targeted audiences and a great ROI from their TV campaigns.”

“Our breakthrough features for consumer profiling and predictive behavioural analysis make hyper-targeted advertising a reality for TV,” said Peter Docherty, CTO of ThinkAnalytics. “Based on our latest proof of concepts with customers, viewer engagement is up thanks to improved ad relevancy, as are those all-important ad premiums. Through our powerful combination of AI, information science and data science, we are uniquely positioned to deliver advanced ad profiling along with a rapid, cost-effective implementation in the cloud that will help to drive a new era of data-driven, digital TV advertising.”

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