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NextUp comedy streaming on smart TVs

October 5, 2021

NextUp, the comedy streaming platform, has announced its integration with Samsung and LG TVs.

Smart TV owners can now livestream the stand-up shows with a few taps of a remote control. Shows on the channel include some of the biggest names in the industry, including Ed Byrne, Miles Jupp and Nick Helm (pictured) alongside award winning rising stars of comedy such as Jordan Brookes, Laura Lexx and Maisie Adam.

NextUp features multiple livestreams every week from the nation’s best comedy clubs, as well as an on-demand library of hundreds of comedy specials.

Sarah Henley, co-founder of NextUp, commented: “Finally you can now experience live comedy from your sofa, whilst eating pizza in your pyjamas. This deal with Samsung and LG brings live comedy to the masses in a revolutionary way. Through lockdown we learnt that making comedy accessible was really a necessity. It gave people who don’t attend live stand-up shows a chance to discover something new, something different, or something familiar. Whatever it was – people loved it. Streaming on your TV something that’s happening live on stage is a genuine thrill. You really feel like you’re there with the venue’s audience, not knowing what will go right, wrong or who will say what. It’s unfiltered, unedited and there’s no queue for the toilet.”

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