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YahSat supplies broadband to Universal Satcom

October 6, 2021

By Chris Forrester

YahSat and its YahClick satellite broadband service is working with Hughes Network Systems to provide capacity to Dubai-based Universal Satcom Group.

Universal will use the spectrum to provide high-speed services to clients and enterprises within the Middle East and African markets. It will also provide the underserved and unserved communities across the regions with high-quality connectivity and reliable infrastructure.

During the partnership announcement, Farhad Khan, CEO of YahClick, said: “YahClick is delighted to partner with Universal Satcom Group to provide secure, reliable and high-speed broadband that can support the growth of enterprises through Al Yah 2 Satellite coverage. We understand the challenges faced with limited satellite connectivity and believe that this partnership with an established and leading operator in the market will allow YahClick to truly support the underserved communities across the Middle East & Africa.”

YahClick says its involvement in this partnership will enable the brand to expand its services and grow into the market. In this partnership, Universal will address the unserved territories through differentiated solutions for satellite coverage and delivery platforms, with YahClick playing a pivotal role in providing innovative solutions to aid this objective.

Reema Omari, CEO of Universal Satcom Group, said, “We are delighted to join expertise with YahClick as we expand our Universal Satnet Broadband Internet services in the Middle East and Africa. This partnership will ensure that SMEs across the regions can continue to operate in-market and overcome daily challenges as they can access reliable connectivity and benefit from the high-quality infrastructure provided by us. We are confident that YahClick and Universal Satcom Group will collectively grow in the joint Universal Satnet Broadband Internet service offerings across the regional markets. This partnership will also bring synergy to both sides under the newly established joint principle of Cooperative Competition as part of the agreement. This is something which we are incredibly enthusiastic about given the previous success of this model in global business, and we look forward to working closely with YahClick moving forward.”

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