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Planet V adds real-time Weather Targeting

October 7, 2021

ITV has announced a new addressable innovation to users of their self-service programmatic platform, Planet V.

Weather Targeting enables the automation of campaigns to go live, pause, or adjust creative copy on ITV Hub the moment their specified weather criteria is met across any one of ITV’s 22 broadcast regions, and features real-time options to target a range of weather conditions, from temperature and rain, to pollen.

ITV has partnered with global weather metadata provider, providing ITV with a library of parameters covering every weather condition. Their exclusive API offers both numerical data and map layers with minute-by-minute weather, including historical, real-time, and forecast weather data.

The launch follows a period of rigorous testing with pilot advertisers including a pharmacy brand which trialled high pollen tactics to promote over the counter allergy relief. ITV says weather targeting is already attracting interest from a number of advertisers, notably online food delivery companies, grocery advertisers, and energy companies.

It comes one year on from the launch of Planet V, ITV’s self-service programmatic platform. Planet V now has more than 800 individual users, comprising all the major media and digital agency groups, independents, and a growing number of advertiser in-house programmatic teams.

Alex Maison, Head of Advertising Development at ITV said: “We’ve developed Weather Targeting in response to growing demand from advertisers seeking trusted, real-time signals to improve their advertising effectiveness. Adding these real-time automated weather triggers to Planet V allows advertisers to activate or adjust their marketing messages based on a user’s local weather. It is an exciting time for Planet V with more features and data innovations due to hit the platform in the coming months.”

Dan Slagen, CMO at, added: “More than ever, advertisers need to be able to adjust in real-time based on what’s happening in their target geos and across their target markets. Applying cutting-edge hyperlocal weather intelligence at scale is enabling advertisers to reach target demographics in advance and in real-time. With weather and climate in the news on a weekly basis these days, we are already seeing brand leaders utilize new ways to incorporate weather parameters such as precipitation or air quality into their go-to-market strategies, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.”

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