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SES CEO: ‘Consolidation more likely than ever’

October 7, 2021

Steve Collar, CEO at SES, speaking at the Satellite Innovation conference in Mountain View, California, told delegates that consolidation in the industry was more likely than ever. But that the structure of the industry could hinder any such deals.

He stressed that the industry was in a really good place, adding that innovation was greater today than ever. “We have to look after everyone, clients of course, but we like to look at ourselves as a 30-year start up,” he said.

As to the vexed question of M&A activity he added that consolidation was likely in the past and yet hadn’t happened. “But it will happen, more likely than not”.

“Return on investment capital is challenging in this industry,” Collar said. “If you want investors to bring money to any given industry, you have to prove you’re responsible with that investment, and I think the fragmentation of the industry makes that challenging.”


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