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ClixTV goes live

October 19, 2021

ClixTV, a multi-platform streamer at the intersection of entertainment, e-commerce and technology, has launched its free streaming service on over 80 channels, web, and apps, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, IMDb TV, Box One, LG Smart TV, and all Plex TV channels as well as on, IOS and Android.

ClixTV says it reaches more than 100 million online viewers monthly, and 120 million OTT television homes.

“ClixTV is reinventing the entertainment experience for consumers on every screen to simplify the search for great content and tantalise viewers with compelling programming that they may never have known about,” said ClixTV CEO and Founder, Ed Sullivan. “We’ve also created unique benefits for creators, distributors and advertisers caught in the vortex of technology-meets-media.”

“We believe it’s a critical time to use fast-forward tech and savvy marketing to turn the pain of what-to-watch into a fun, fast and free experience,” said ClixTV Chief Marketer and co-founder, Stacy Jolna. “ClixTV believes producers, streamers, advertisers and fans should embrace a similar goal: make it enjoyable to watch what you want, when you want from the very first click across every platform, on any screen.”

“In the streaming wars ClixTV is uniquely everyone’s ally, delivering clarity in a time of chaos,” said former Sony Pictures Entertainment President, Man Jit Singh. “With the abundance of long form entertainment offerings, it takes the average person thirty-seven minutes to find something to watch. That is a clear problem screaming for a solution.”

“By catering to platform-agnostic viewers who want entertainment right now, a new media venture has the opportunity to thrive,” said international media valuations expert, Larry Gerbrandt. “The streaming industry has matriculated from its adolescence with an abundance of great content, but it’s often hard to find. The vital need in the industry is this: a streamer that can support the industry by pointing viewers to programming that might have been overlooked as well as providing a platform for emerging video talent. By aligning multiple agendas – short attention spans, multi-platform proclivities, and by becoming an asset to the mega streaming giants – a new future-thinking media venture can prove to be an indispensable ancillary arm to the industry, to creators and advertisers seeking new ways for viewers to find what they wish to watch.“

Singh added: “ClixTV provides recommendations helping consumers navigate the overwhelming entertainment choices. By working with the streaming industry and highlighting their long-form programming, ClixTV has become a positive disruptor benefitting its viewers, streaming services, customers, and advertisers, all of whom are eager to focus on the best entertainment experience.”

“Delighting and surprising entertainment fans is ClixTV’s top priority,” said ClixTV Founder and Chief Content Officer, Patricia Sullivan. “Our North Star is ‘Expect the Unexpected’ on ClixTV like offbeat comedies such as The Mom List and Mr. Wrong to eSports gaming tips & tricks from Inside the Game to global adventure Shandor The Lion Prince, or the true tale of the $100 cup of coffee on Expensive Tastes. And one of our top fan favourites, Celebrity Sweat, offers up the fierce field competition of Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Rob Gronkowski and his four brothers, and global champion Tyron Woodley’s secrets on how to knock out an opponent, or training superstar Billy Blanks working out with the top names in music, movies, TV, and pro sports.”

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