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planetSHINE hosts UK premiere of Meat The Future

October 25, 2021

planetSHINE is hosting the UK launch of Meat The Future, a new documentary featuring world-renowned conservationist Jane Goodall and executively produced by musician Moby.

This deep-dive documentary into the world of cultivated meat will be the opening film shown at the COPtimism event in Glasgow, and will be available for virtual attendees in the UK to watch.
Meat the Future follows visionary CEO, Dr. Uma Valeti, as he sets out to make his dream a reality where real meat is produced sustainably without the need to breed, raise and slaughter animals.

Moby commented: “I’m very happy and proud to announce that I am an Executive Producer of the documentary Meat the Future, by award-winning writer-director Liz Marshall. It’s about the remarkable development of cultivated meat, which can help us save the only home that we have in our fight against climate change.”
“I’m excited about the documentary because it is solution-focused. The film proposes a way forward, to reduce methane, to reduce water and land use, to lessen the suffering of  animals, and to prevent future viral outbreaks. I hope it sparks your imagination and inspires change.” added Goodall.

Director Liz Marshall commented: “Over five years, our lens was situated at the forefront of a historic and hopeful movement of change. What the future holds for cultivated meat is unclear, but I believe its revolutionary journey into the world will stand the test of time.”

planetSHINE Founder & CEO, Rachel McClelland, said: “This documentary, along with the other amazing films we will be showing during COPtimism, shines a light on the wide-ranging issues that we face and the incredible individuals coming together to tackle these issues head on to create a better world.”

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