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Redge Media powers The 18th Chopin Competition

October 26, 2021

Redge Media’s Video Delivery Platform, which includes content origin, a catch-up TV console, as well as a global CDN solution, delivered the online video experience for the 18th Chopin Competition published within the official website and applications of the event.

It mainly served end-users in Poland, Japan, USA, Germany and China. It served nearly 100 hours of live transmissions of Frederic Chopin’s music over the 3 weeks of the competition. Redge Media, the complete OTT solution built by Redge Technologies, delivered the service for the third time in a row since 2010.

Redge Media Encoders covered the full spectrum of video quality and resolutions, up to 4k 20 Mbps 2160p, for ABR OTT distribution. Live feeds – in parallel to their online transmission – were transformed into catch-up TV library by means of the DVR and catch-up TV oriented asset management console. The Multi-CDN feature of Redge Media platform managed seamless video delivery with Redge Media CDN and 3rd party CDN solutions for particular regions. Redge Media Player smoothly integrated with web, mobile and a range of Smart TV applications of the Chopin Competition.

The Chopin Competition takes place every five years in October in Warszawa, Poland. This year 87 pianists from 17 countries – born from 1990 to 2004 – took the stage. They were pre-selected from over 500 entries from all over the world which was a record figure in the history of the competition. The First Prize went to Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu representing Canada. Another prizes were awarded to the pianists from Japan, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Canada and Poland. The Chopin Competition is the biggest global tournament dedicated to one musician, to Frederic Chopin.

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