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TVSquared launches ADvantage XP in UK, Germany

October 26, 2021

TVSquared has announced the launch of ADvantage XP in the UK and Germany, bringing Europe’s largest advertising markets the cross-platform measurement and attribution solution for all forms of TV – linear, streaming and addressable.

ADvantage XP is an always-on, scalable platform that offers independent, impression-based measurement of ad exposure and outcomes for converged TV campaigns.

Through direct publisher integrations and smart TV viewership data, TVSquared has amassed the largest global coverage of converged TV, which now includes millions of households in the UK and Germany. As a result, TVSquared links exposure and outcomes to authenticated households and audience IDs to harmonise measurement across platforms. ADvantage XP provides cross-platform reach and frequency metrics, quantifies incremental reach, including additional streaming households reached beyond linear, and delivers attribution insights that,it says, empower marketers to measure KPIs – including sales, registrations, app activities, website visits and more. TVSquared is also GDPR compliant and a registered member of IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF).

“TV is redefining itself in real time, and advertisers need a consistent way to count and ascribe value across platforms,” said Jo Kinsella, president, TVSquared. “Sitting at the center of the TV ecosystem, TVSquared is well positioned to leverage the right data sources and deliver consistent measurement and attribution through our scalable, unified platform. Globally, the adoption of converged TV strategies is at the forefront of marketers’ minds, and we are excited to support that momentum with the launch of ADvantage XP in the UK and Germany.”

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