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BuzzShow launches YouTube onboarding option

October 27, 2021

Continuing to add more options and user benefits, BuzzShow Network, the blockchain based video social media platform, has announced the launch of its onboarding option to easily allow any channel owner on YouTube to start streaming their content on the BuzzShow social media platform.

BuzzShow is the decentralised video social media network which incorporates blockchain technology in a reward-based ecosystem. The new onboarding option allows users to easily recreate their YouTube Channel and will facilitate content sharing on the BuzzShow platform to extend creators and curators earnings on the BuzzShow Platform.  

The new onboarding option is now available to any YouTube channel owner interested in streaming their content on the BuzzShow Network platform. Users simply need to:

● Sign up on BuzzShow Network.

● Navigate to “My Account”.

● Click on the “Onboarding” option.

● Add their YouTube channel ID.

● Click on the “Link Channel” option.

“As part of our ongoing effort to decentralise the entire social media monopolies controlled by the  traditional centralised platforms, we are developing various Plug and Play Tools for content creators, and curators to be able to extend their reach and move easily to BuzzShow Network”.

BuzzShow is the first-ever platform to put its users in charge of managing and earning from content creation, curation, and consumption. It offers a unique user experience that incorporates proof of contribution to reward all online users. The social media platform uses a P2P decentralisation and a unique social media experience for users, who can earn GLDY’s, the platform’s native utility tokens by creating, curating, sharing, viewing and streaming video content. And unlike other social media platforms, users retain full privacy, ownership, and control over their video content within the social media space.

BuzzShow Network is in a long term strategic partnership with leading international  content services and processing company ODMedia.

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