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Muvi announces Flex streaming solution

October 27, 2021

Muvi, a streaming platform and enterprise SaaS solutions provider, has rolled out Muvi Flex, a SaaS platform under its parent hosting software solution. This chip of the block is designed to specifically serve robust businesses, corporates, and individuals with multifunctional and centralized control dashboard, enhanced usability, improved content speed and offers quick integration functionality for seamless flows. Muvi Flex is a game-changer for websites and apps that cradle video and audio sections and is set to garner much attention from high-performance players.

With an expected annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 11.03%, the global Video Streaming segment is projected to reach a market volume of $108,660 million by 2025, according to Statista. As a part of their digital transformation efforts, companies across a wide range of industries are now adopting streaming and online video. This task can be daunting for some, especially for those with no prior experience

Muvi’s Flex is a streaming-as-a-service model that is built upon Muvi’s extensive experience in helping global companies establish streaming platforms and capabilities. Adaptable to the needs of businesses, corporates, large enterprises and individuals, such as content moderators and creators, Flex enables its users to decode the process and offer a flexible, ready-to-deploy service.

Muvi Flex can enhance video experience in all aspects 

Muvi Flex’s comprehensive video/audio streaming solution can help businesses manage and solve all their streaming challenges. With Flex, companies can easily integrate the video player to your website and app to make streaming for their users a seamless experience. The product is also equipped with enriched DRM protection offering robust 360-degree protection to the content including geo-restrictions and content encryption.

Trusted by key customers across the globe 

For several years now, companies have increasingly embraced the idea of migrating their data and applications to the cloud – a trend that has experienced another significant boost since the coronavirus pandemic. Muvi has been helping such customers across diverse industries throughout the globe and with Flex, the company is now ready to present its offerings to various other industries spanning across Ecommerce, News & Media, Streaming Companies, Elearning, Health & Fitness and Religion.

Based on the knowledge of helping several companies with their various streaming service offerings, Muvi is the essential toolbox for everyone seeking an Enterprise-Grade, Feature-Rich Immersive Video/Audio Experience:

  • Store Unlimited Content on the cloud and access it from anywhere

  • Built-in CDN to stream video with Low Latency

  • HTML5 based all-in-one video player to deliver the best streaming experience

  • Multiple Monetization Models to generate revenue with SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD

  • Enriched Multi-DRM to protect against Piracy across devices and geographies

  • Social Media Integration to share the content across social media platforms

  • Analytics & Reports to help understand your audience with in-depth reports

  • Create and collaborate with workflows

“In this cloud-pro world, digital transformation becomes all the more important for companies to perform better. With Muvi’s vast knowledge base of the streaming cloud services market over the last few years, I am extremely glad to bring this knowledge to our clients and partners.”, says Nikhil Gupta, Director of Product Management, Muvi

“With Muvi Flex, our goal is to make it faster and easier for developers and marketers to confidently deliver the best video experiences to their customers. As other technologies morph and become increasingly more complex, we at Muvi remain focused on developing accessible, leading-edge SaaS-based products for our clients to help them get that edge over their competitors in this digital-first world.”, he added.

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