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Bowling Federation, NAGRA launch StrikeCloud

November 1, 2021

The International Bowling Federation (IBF), the world’s governing body for the sport of bowling, and NAGRA, a Kudelski Group company and independent provider of content protection and multiscreen video solutions, have announced the launch of StrikeCloud, a digital transformation initiative taking a disruptive approach to unleash the potential of one of the largest participated sports in the world.

Delivered through a gamified, loyalty app, fans and players will have one global access point to experience every aspect of the sport of bowling made possible through three fully gamified pillars – Watch, Play and Train.“With StrikeCloud we have started an ambitious program that will enhance what is truly a dynamic sport for the 20-million fans of elite bowling and 225-million bowlers who regularly enjoy the sport at the 12,800 bowling centers across the globe,” said Andrew Oram, IBF CEO. “By working with NAGRA, we’re merging a broad spectrum of technologies and services with our wider global business vision to change the nature of the sport for all participants. This is the start of a major business transformation that will energise everyone involved in the sport of bowling and expand the sport to new levels.”

“With IBF we are delivering an amazing digital and business transformation journey that exceeds industry expectations,” said Nancy Goldberg, CMO & EVP Kudelski Group. “Together, we are building a new level of loyalty, engagement and sport gamification for bowling with a bright business future for all stakeholders, that transcends the technology.”

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