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Research: Music videos impact purchase decisions

November 3, 2021

In the lead-up to retail and advertising’s busiest months, music video network Vevo, has released new research exploring consumers’ relationships with music videos and how this can influence buyer behaviour.

Vevo’s survey of 2,000 UK consumers, fielded by OnePoll, comes at a time when brands are looking to capture the hearts and minds of consumers in the run up to Christmas. While the findings can inform brands’ advertising campaigns all year round, the results are particularly insightful for this holiday season, the most critical sales period of the year.

Engaging younger audiences

Most notably, Vevo’s research shows that music videos had the greatest impact on Gen Zs, a key demographic with growing purchasing power. Key findings include:

  • 42 per cent have been inspired by an artist or music video to buy a particular item of clothing
  • 57 per cent feel that music videos have impacted culture through changing fashion trends
  • 53 per cent admitted to tuning into a video if the celebrity is popular, further highlighting how artist influence can make or break sales

Overall, 61 per cent of total respondents (across all age groups) said that music videos had caused them to change their behaviour in some way – from recreating a particular fashion look or hairstyle to visiting a specific part of the world. Their top reasons for watching music videos included to cheer themselves up (35 per cent) and make them feel nostalgic (31 per cent). These statistics clearly illustrate that music videos can act as a source of escapism and create strong emotional connections which in turn can fuel certain buying behaviours.

Similarly, 71 per cent felt that music videos had impacted culture – from changing views on fashion trends, to more serious topics, such as mental health awareness and politics. All in all demonstrating the influence music videos can have in capturing emotion and changing hearts and minds.

“This research backs up what Vevo has known for a long time: the emotional connection generated by music videos, coupled with their cultural relevance, can significantly impact buyer behaviour and help drive sales,” notes James Cornish, VP International Sales, Vevo. “Our premium music video catalogue is particularly sought out by Gen Zs and we’re currently reaching 87 per cent of this demographic each month, which is greater than the likes of Love Island and other popular youth culture shows across linear. With rotational, always on ad-products such as artist takeovers, sponsorship of music video premieres or playlists, Vevo offers advertisers and brands a plethora of ways to capitalise on a growing engaged and traditionally hard to reach audience.”

Winning hearts and mind this Christmas

These findings can inform brands’ advertising campaigns all year round, but the results are particularly insightful across the holidays. In 2021, we are experiencing the Christmas build-up starting earlier than ever before, resulting in brands and advertisers having to get out on the front foot to capture attention and drive more sales, says Vevo.

“In the UK, we’re all incredibly aware of the need for Christmas shopping to start early to avoid disappointment,” says Cornish. “External factors and a longing for a more joyful post-lockdown Christmas has meant that our brand and advertising partners have had to start early with their Christmas campaigns. This has led to increased pressures on advertising and sales teams and as a result, we’ve seen the more premium parts of our inventory selling out earlier than ever before.

“At Vevo, we offer many ways to support this process – whether it’s sponsoring a Christmas playlist, to intelligently matching campaigns with our Moods offering to generate a more engaged and emotional reaction. The responses music videos can generate works well alongside holiday campaigns, and the impact our content has on buyer behaviour can help brands to really stand out this Christmas,” he concludes.


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