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Bezos wants extra 4,538 satellites

November 8, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Jeff Bezos already has FCC permission to launch 3236 low Earth orbiting satellites in his Project Kuiper. On November 4th his Kuiper team asked the FCC for permission to add another 4538 satellites to take the toral to 7774.

“Kuiper Systems LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon, requests FCC authority to launch and operate a non-geostationary satellite orbit fixed-satellite service system as a part of Kuiper’s second-generation constellation,” it said in its FCC filing.

On November 1st that Kuiper asked the FCC for permission to launch two prototype test Kuiper satellites which will orbit later next year.

“Utilising V-and Ku-band frequencies, the ‘Kuiper-V System’ will be comprised of 7,774 satellites in five altitude and inclination combinations between 590 and 650km, including two polar shells, and will provide high-speed, low-cost, and low-latency broadband services to tens of millions of customers domestically and internationally.”

The latest FCC filing says that the extra 4538 satellites will operate in the V-band and supplement bandwidth and capacity of the first batch of satellite (which are planned to operate in the Ka-band.

“[The] additional payloads and satellites will increase the available capacity of the Kuiper System, thereby allowing Amazon to close the digital divide for even more customers,” states the FCC application.

“Amazon is committed to ensuring that broadband services are accessible, reliable, and affordable on a global scale. Through the Kuiper System, Amazon will offer broadband communications services to consumers and businesses alike, including in rural and hard-to-reach areas of the United States. Moreover, Amazon’s innovative constellation was designed to ensure that its services will be both high-quality and dependable. The Kuiper System will utilise both fixed and mobile customer terminals, equipping them with the flexibility not only to facilitate essential connectivity for schools, hospitals, libraries, and government operations, but also to support disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and other critical services by land, air, or sea,” the submission added.

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