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Globacom enthusiastic about Eutelsat in Nigeria

November 9, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Nigerian telecoms network provider Globacom says the recent agreement struck with Eutelsat will offer “unlimited benefits” to potential users in Nigeria.

The Eutelsat Konnect project would enable the company to offer VSAT/Satellite-based internet service and satellite-based community Wifi internet service in far flung and unserved areas where access to internet services are currently a challenge.

“This is also in line with the federal government’s desire to extend broadband coverage beyond urban and densely populated areas. Millions of Nigerians will, therefore, have access to communicate and transact business with the communal provision of internet access by Globacom in these rural areas,” said the telco.

“Subscribers in urban cities will also be able to reach their friends and families, and also transact business over the internet in such areas. The subscriber can also carry out electronic transactions and payments to workers or companies in remote areas using the Glo-powered Eutelsat Konnect Satellite platform,” Globacom added.

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