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MultiMark watermarking server from BuyDRM

November 10, 2021

Content security services specialist BuyDRM has confirmed the expansion of the KeyOS content security platform with the release of the MultiMark Server supporting just-in-time forensic watermarking and DRM. This addition strengthens BuyDRM’s arsenal of content security solutions aimed at deterring OTT streaming piracy.

MultiMark tracks the illegal distribution of content back to the source through a forensic watermarking application. Using MultiMark, forensic watermarking is combined with the application of consumer DRM encryption just-in-time for the user’s playback session. The watermarking and DRM travel with the content across all devices in all places and playback attempts.

BuyDRM has confirmed that MultiMark will ultimately include a multi-watermarking delivery model using the best of breed watermarking technologies available today for streaming and downloadable live and VoD content. In the initial release, MultiMark’s watermarking capability will be powered by Synamedia’s ContentArmor. Subsequent releases will offer users a choice of watermarking technologies from ContentArmor, NexGuard from NAGRA and ASiD from Friend MTS.

ContentArmor’s forensic watermarking solution operates without having to decompress the video. Watermarking insertion is done by modifying the bitstream which delivers blitz-fast embedding. MultiMark utilises ContentArmor for protection of VoD DASH and HLS streaming and downloadable content. Live support is in alpha trials and is expected Q2’22.

Today, forensic watermarking combined with consumer DRM encryption affords the highest level of security available for streaming and downloadable video. Used together, the MultiMark Server and the Multikey Service and Server provide a full-spectrum of technologies for combatting the piracy of streaming and downloadable video.

KeyOS is a content security platform for premium video content with studio-approved multi-DRM and watermarking technologies that safeguard the distribution of high-value video content. BuyDRM supports the fight against piracy and continues to strengthen KeyOS with new best of breed technologies and best practices.

“MultiMark is the evolution of seven years of applied watermarking technology combined with 20 years of commercial DRM development,” advises Christopher Levy, BuyDRM CEO & Founder. “MultiMark provides a new approach to video security which is unparalleled in our industry. This is why we are proud to announce our intentions to support a wide array of watermarking technologies from companies like, ContentArmor, FriendMTS and NAGRA.”

“Forensic Watermarking has a critical role to play in the fight against piracy,” added Alain Durand, Senior Director at Synamedia and former CEO of ContentArmor. “Our partnership with BuyDRM will help service providers and content owners secure and protect their live and on-demand content efficiently and cost-effectively.”

“We’re excited to expand the distribution footprint of our NexGuard forensic watermarking solution with BuyDRM,” declared Ken Gerstein, VP Sales, NAGRA Anti-Piracy & NexGuard. “We look forward to broadening the reach of NexGuard which is trusted by content owners, aggregators and distributors worldwide to protect their most valuable content assets.”

“Friend MTS’s content protection technologies detect, deter and disable piracy for some of the biggest brands in content creation, broadcasting and distribution,” explained John Ward, Executive Vice President, Americas, Friend MTS. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer that critical protection to a wider audience as part of MultiMark from BuyDRM.”

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