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Telenet grows 4G, 5G and WiFi networks with Sandvine

November 11, 2021

Telenet, a mobile and cable broadband operator in Belgium, is driving its new ‘amazing customer experiences’ campaign with the help of Sandvine’s Application and Network Intelligence portfolio.

Using a combination of real-time data, machine learning-powered analytics, and inline actions, Telenet says it is taming network congestion and creating high-quality application experiences across its networks by delivering innovative application and usage-based plans.

The multiyear deal means Telenet will tap Sandvine’s suite of analytics-driven automation use cases to improve application performance across a growing universe of multi-access networks, devices, locations, users and ultimately 5G slices.

Bert Pelgrims, Tribe Lead Connectivity Platforms & Services, Telenet said: “The high degree of application and network intelligence we get with Sandvine’s portfolio will not only reveal how our customers are experiencing applications, but will give us the context we need to further improve and monetise services as we transition to 5G and expand our Cable and WiFi networks. Our ONE-connection-total-freedom offerings —‘ONE’ and ‘ONEup’—break down the barriers between mobile and fixed data usage, so visibility across all of our network traffic, and contextual awareness about subscribers’ applications experiences, will help us enhance our digital services.”

Lyn Cantor, CEO, Sandvine added: “This Application and Network Intelligence expansion deal extends our long-term relationship with Telenet. We are proud to be a part of what has made Telenet a leading mobile and fixed digital services provider in its market, with a reputation for speed, security, reliability and privacy. By leveraging contextual and predictive analytics, as well as usage-based actions to secure and monetise applications, Telenet has been able to convert real-time data into higher quality application experiences and revenue growth.”

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