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4Skills to create 15,000 job & training opps

November 22, 2021

From 2022 4Skills, Channel 4’s training and development strategy, will create over 15,000 opportunities nationwide with a particular focus on young people from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds who want a career in broadcasting.

“Channel 4 has always been the broadcaster for young people, especially those who don’t get heard or have access to opportunities because of where they live or their upbringing,” commented Alex Mahon, Chief Executive, Channel 4. “For us, none of that matters. Everyone should have an equal chance to follow their dreams and have a job in the creative industries. It shouldn’t be about having certain qualifications but about passion and potential. There is no reason why a future Chief Executive of Channel 4, or any broadcaster for that matter, can’t have started their career through 4Skills”

4Skills launched in 2020 and is based in the broadcaster’s national HQ in Leeds city centre. From next year, it will invest £5 million every year for three years, supercharging its existing offer by creating 15,000 training, development and learning opportunities for young people across the UK. The new strategy will offer various entry points for young people.

For people already working in the industry, 4Skills will work with like-minded organisations to offer training courses, funding for specific training funds, bursaries and placements as well as training days in Channel 4’s own regional offices in Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester.

Sinead Rocks, Managing Director of Channel 4 Nations and Regions, leading 4Skills added: “4Skills will have a long-term and lasting impact on learning and skills provision for young people across the country and ultimately it is the audience that will benefit. The people that we train, develop and work with will contribute their own diversity of opinion and life experience to programme making, resulting in content that better reflects the whole of the UK.”

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