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Prime Focus Technologies wins NAB ‘Product of the Year Award’

November 23, 2021

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the technology arm of Prime Focus, is delighted to announce that it has won the 2021 NAB Show ‘Product of the Year Award’ that recognizes the most significant and promising new products and technologies especially centered at the M&E industry. PFT’s media recognition AI Platform, CLEAR Vision Cloud won this award under the AI/ML category for its AI-led Video Conformance. 

CLEAR Vision Cloud leverages Machine Wisdom technology to deliver data and automation that is highly accurate, relevant, and actionable. It has ensured near 100% accuracy across frame rates, enabling reduction in time, effort and cost involved in Conformance by leveraging a high level of ML-led automation to suit specific M&E requirements.

Many media companies are today facing challenges in conforming audios and subtitles to their source videos. To distribute content, the audio of the dubbed master has to be conformed to the source video master. Not just that, the subtitles in one FPS version have to be conformed to the source video master. And, lastly, forced narrations have to be identified and exported to a sidecar file in sync with the source video. Conforming audios and subtitles to the source video are highly labor-intensive tasks and sometimes error-prone too.

PFT’s transformational CLEAR Vision Cloud can automatically conform regional edits, subtitles, and dub tracks on global masters. With AI-led conformance, issues flagged are exported for a quick human QC/Edit to finalize and publish. The audio gaps are addressed in dubbing. The forced narration issues are exported to a side car file lined up on the subtitle tool within Vision Cloud and a linguist does a quick QC.  

AI-powered Conformance significantly reduces time and effort involved and enhances the accuracy across frame rates, with least manual intervention. The reduction in time and effort also optimizes cost of conforming forced narrations. In addition, the high level of automation that ML will bring over time as the machines pick up the logic can help scale up the conformance activity for a large volume of content. AI-powered Conformance turns error-prone, laborious tasks into automated functions leading to increased efficiencies in the overall workflow.

“We feel honored at this achievement. Industry recognition such as this is a validation of our commitment to making AI work for the media & entertainment companies and ensuring AI works for their specific business use cases, driving real business outcomes.” said, Muralidhar Sridhar, Vice President, AI/ML Products and Global Head of Product Management, PFT. “NAB’s continued acknowledgment of our patented, AI platform propels us to further enhance our cutting-edge technologies in the AI/ML field, providing our customers the opportunity to fully harness the true power of AI/ML re-affirming PFT’s firm belief in automating the content supply chain.” 

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