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SnapLogic supports ITV’s digital project

November 23, 2021

SnapLogic, provider of its Intelligent Integration Platform, has been supporting ITV as it undertakes a new digital transformation project that will allow it to better distribute shows and content around the world.

ITV creates, owns, and distributes content on multiple platforms globally with over 46,000 hours of content in their catalogue. After deploying SnapLogic as the company-wide integration platform, the catalogue’s data assets can now be managed and viewed in real-time in Salesforce.

With all Salesforce integrations now taking place through the SnapLogic platform, information is automatically uploaded and/or updated to the catalogue each day with data from their License & Rights management system via a SQL Server database.

Further supporting ITV’s broader sales strategy were the integrations of their campaign management system with SQL Server and Salesforce. This allowed sales teams to view information on which advertisements were being sold for each channel and digital hub, enabling them to better manage and forecast sales and revenue.

“SnapLogic’s powerful integration and automation platform has allowed us to accelerate ITV’s digital transformation,” said Phil Maguire, Application Service Delivery Manager at ITV. “SnapLogic’s self-service, low-code approach has also meant we haven’t had to dedicate further resources to training people to engage with the platform, meaning we can redirect this additional capital towards furthering other important projects.”

George Mogannam, CRO at SnapLogic, added: “Working with a broadcaster as venerable as ITV to speed up their digital transformation initiatives has been a pleasure. At SnapLogic, we understand the importance and value of making data integration fast, easy, and accessible to all within the organization. We look forward to continued partnership with ITV in the future.”

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