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BritBox order Secrets of the Spies

December 6, 2021

BritBox UK has announced a new, three-part original factual commission, available exclusively to subscribers from March 2022.

Secrets of the Spies delves deep into a world of secrets and lies; from James Bond to Ian Fleming, Kim Philby to Sergei Skripal; the world of espionage is one of blurred lines where fact is often stranger than fiction; a world of murder, betrayal, romance and duty.

The series will explore the rarified world of spies, covering everything from Cold War defections and covert assassinations to sophisticated cyber attacks. It will investigate recent cases and current methods while exploring the history of espionage, both fact and fiction.

Secrets of the Spies will include interviews with former spies, and their family members, police officers and forensic experts, historians, authors and more to offer unique perspectives of this complex and enigmatic topic.

The film is made by ITN Productions, the company which recently made Secrets of the Krays and Feel the Noise: The Music that Shaped Britain for BritBox UK.

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