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Poland: OTT culture platform awarded to Redge Media

December 7, 2021

Theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions, workshops – all online and in one place. The Łódzkie Voivodeship in Poland is to create the OTT video platform common for its cultural units. This is to enable the inhabitants of Łódź to have broad access to culture, which is of particular importance in times of a pandemic and limitations in access to cultural institutions. Also the wider audience, Polish diaspora in particular, will have the opportunity to enjoy the art of regional origin. The design and development of this platform has been awarded to Redge Media.

Within the scope of this project the platform will provide online access to 7 cultural institutions of the Łódzkie Voivodeship, a.o. the Museum of Art, the Łódź Philharmonic, the Stefan Jaracz Theater. The main content will be the multimedia materials based on VoD and live broadcasting, including originals. It will be complemented with news feeds from these institutions to foster communities of mind. Moreover, the platform will be enriched by multiple metadata functions, such as highlighting preferences, forecasting upcoming events of interest and injecting metadata to specific VoD content. The platform is also compliant with WCAG guidelines, making content accessible to people with disabilities. The viewer will be given the chance to further enhance the experience by creating playlists, pausing and reviewing live content, as well as having unused funds returned in case of refunds.

The deployment will be based on Redge Media for Theatres – the complete solution developed and optimized for theatres, music clubs, museums. It embeds the syncretic online-offline experience, allows to extend the audience and offers additional monetisation of stage. This solution is part of the Redge Media approach to optimise the video UX within different verticals of life, such as news, sports, theatres, books, kids or lifestyle communities – dubbed Video UX 3.0.

“The service of creating and providing technical and technological support for remote access to multimedia culture materials and live events is a challenge that we with Redge Media took upon with great passion. We create and develop an Internet platform that will truly open the gateway to culture. The aim of this project is to elevate all barriers and limitations of access to culture, as this initiative is key for the audience as well as for artists and creators. We are proud that Redge Media is a vital part of this,” states Justyna Porzucek, sales director at Redge Technologies.

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