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Carrier-grade open caching from Velocix

December 15, 2021

Video streaming and ad tech supplier Velocix has launched a carrier-grade open caching platform which it says enables broadband providers to monetise further the delivery of Internet-based content over their last-mile data networks.

The new product, Velocix Open Caching, offers fixed and mobile Internet service providers (ISPs) a way to profit from rising market interest in direct-to-consumer streaming services by enabling them to participate in the value chain associated with over-the-top (OTT) content delivery.

Velocix’s solution introduces control plane software enhancements that let ISP networks communicate with other open-caching compliant content delivery systems, including those operated by content providers and global CDN services. This enables open caching servers that are placed deep at the edge of ISP’s last-mile networks to cache and deliver content on behalf of content providers in exchange for a fee. Since ISPs can position open caching servers much closer to end-users than is possible with standard OTT delivery, they can substantially improve video quality, lower session start-up times, and virtually eliminate stream rebuffering. This translates to a superior viewing experience for subscribers.

“Velocix’s Open Caching solution enables ISPs to unlock an entirely new source of recurring revenue,” asserts Jim Brickmeier, CPO and CMO at Velocix. “In addition to providing the carrier-grade software needed to activate open caching, we are helping ISPs to establish commercial relationships with content providers around the globe that are eager to cut their streaming costs and gain an edge in the highly competitive streaming marketplace.”

The platform builds on the firm’s strong incumbency with ISPs and leverages its hybrid-cloud CDN technology, as well as its pre-existing wholesale CDN features. Current customers that have already deployed Velocix’s CDN can layer open caching capabilities on top of their existing infrastructure using add-on software licences. To improve flexibility and efficiency, private CDN and open caching services can share the same underlying hardware framework. The company’s solution is compatible with open caching standards published by the Streaming Video Alliance.

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