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Bosnia and Herzegovina activates DVB-T2 transmitters

January 4, 2022

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

After a long delay compared to neighbouring countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina finally kicked off its analogue TV switch-off process in the last days of 2021.

The first DVB-T2 transmitters (Grdonj/Sarajevo, Udrigovo/Majevica and Kozara) were activated, covering the cities of Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Prijedor, Bijeljina and Brcko.

In November, VidiTV was granted a DTT network operator licence by the Communications Regulatory Agency (RAK).

VidiTV will be responsible for the operation of ‘Multiplex D’, reserved for free-to-air commercial broadcasters, both on a national and regional level. A public auction for awarding capacity on Multiplex D ended on December 24th 2021.

Viewers equipped with DVB-T2 compatible reception equipment can initially receive eleven channels – RTV TK, Nova BH, Prva BH, Hayat TV, O Kanal, MTV Igman, BN TV, ATV, OBN, Una TV and K3.

Further DTT rollout will continue throughout the year with the aim of achieving over 90 per cent population coverage by the end of 2022.

Previously, two other DTT multiplexes (A and B) were awarded for the country’s public broadcasters.

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