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BuzzShow Network adds ODMedia channels

January 6, 2022

BuzzShow Network has announced the integration of two ODMedia channels on the BuzzShow platform.

BuzzShow Network welcomes ODMedia’s popular Expoza Travel channel on its platform, which showcases exciting travel adventures from all over the world. Expoza Travel is followed by over 235k travel enthusiasts on YouTube and more than 12.5 million hours have been watched around the world. Viewers will now cherish the excitement of travel and equip themselves with everything they need to know for their next vacation tour on Buzzshow Network.

ODMedia has also onboarded its classic movies channel FlickVault on BuzzShow Network. Film lovers can now stream their favorite cinema classics, watch reviews, and get recommendations on what to watch next, all while earning rewards.

FlickVault is currently running on YouTube and is followed by over 270k movie lovers with more than 15 million hours watched.

BuzzShow Network is the first-ever platform to put its users in charge of managing and earning from content creation, curation, and consumption. It offers a unique user experience that incorporates proof of contribution to reward all online users. The social media platform uses a P2P decentralisation and a unique social media experience for users, who can earn GLDY’s, the platform’s native utility tokens, by creating, curating, sharing, viewing, and streaming video content. And unlike other social media platforms, users retain full privacy, ownership, and control over their video content within the social media space.

“The integration of ODMedia channels is a big step for BuzzShow Network,” said Offer Kohen, CEO of BuzzShow Network.” We look forward to gracing the platform with more such valuable liaisons.”

“The onboarding of ODMedia’s original channels to BuzzShow Network offers great opportunities for our viewers. We are thrilled our followers will have the opportunity to watch our channels on this very innovative platform. We are highly optimistic about this collaboration,” added Sjef Pijnenburg, CEO of ODMedia.

Established in 2004 by Sjef Pijnenburg, ODMedia is a distinguished media services provider with strategic partnerships with all the global OTT platforms. In addition to offering the full range of technical-delivery services, ODMedia acts as an aggregator for the major platforms, providing digital-rights management, monetisation, target audience development, and cross-promotion. It also manages linear and non-linear channel playouts for SVOD, AVoD, and TVoD.

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