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TeraVolt develops HbbTV teletext client system for ARD

January 13, 2022

TeraVolt has been commissioned by the German joint TV network ARD to develop a client system for all HbbTV-based ARD teletexts. This enables all state broadcasters, which are part of the ARD network, to bundle their HbbTV teletexts in just one system and broadcast them together. It replaces the individual solutions used to date. At the same time, there will be a switch to a uniform user interface, which will make it easier for viewers to navigate. In the future, all HbbTV teletext will be managed in one system, creating synergies in operation, but also new opportunities for editorial cooperation.

The ARD Play-Out-Center (ARD POC) is responsible for the operation of the client system developed by TeraVolt and coordinates the orderly migration of the system to the individual state broadcasting stations. The first of these was BR in September 2021, followed by rbb in December. The launch of NDR and ARD Text is planned for the first quarter of 2022.

The system can be configured independently and individually by the ARD POC for the respective state broadcaster. Based on this configuration, the data from different sources is cleaned in a high-performance process chain in real time, normalized and finally played out in the HbbTV application as teletext.

“We are pleased to provide ARD with a smart solution for the operation of HbbTV teletext,” says Oliver Koch, founder and CEO of TeraVolt. “Our system represents a real alternative for all broadcasting groups that need a uniform solution for different users. To recommend ourselves for possible further customers, we want to repay the trust of all state broadcasters with excellent performance.”

Frauke Langguth, Head of ARD Text, adds: “Our goal is to position ourselves for the future, both in terms of content and technology. With the HbbTV client system, the operation of HbbTV teletext will be centralized, allowing us to achieve synergies and reduce costs at the state broadcasters. The cooperation with TeraVolt is therefore an important project to drive forward the achievement of our goals.”

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