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China offers Winter Games in 8K

January 27, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Beijing-based China Media Group (CMG) will transmit China Central TV-8K, a dedicated 8K channel covering the upcoming Winter Olympic Games, to audiences throughout China.

“To meet the goal of presenting the Beijing 2022 via 8K ultra-high-definition technology, the CMG has advanced the construction of the relevant production and broadcasting system, and has accelerated the rapid growth of the whole industrial chain that covers 8K TV production, broadcasting and transmission,” said the CMG.

January 24th saw the launch of a project to set up big screens in public places across the country. So far, four train stations along a high-speed railway linking Beijing and the co-host city of Zhangjiakou have been equipped with giant 8K screens to broadcast the content produced by the CMG.

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