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OpenVault names Lancaster as CSO

February 1, 2022

Joe Lancaster has been named Chief Strategy Officer at OpenVault.

Lancaster, who had held the Chief Strategy Officer position at VelociData prior to the company’s acquisition by OpenVault, will be responsible for aligning OpenVault’s research and development efforts to create products and solutions that can improve how broadband providers manage and monetise networks.

“With VelociData, Joe was ahead of the curve in recognising the power for broadband providers of faster access to relevant data,” said Mark Trudeau, CEO and Founder of OpenVault. “His vision helped build a massive patent portfolio, strong cloud native product lineup and solid customer base that will help catapult OpenVault into the future.”

“Closed loop automation solutions, such as our Profile Management Application, and enhanced data collection functionality including streaming telemetry support are the vanguard of next-generation broadband management solutions,” said Lancaster. “We’re combining our data science and scalability capabilities with OpenVault’s vast experience in providing analytics and actionable solutions to the broadband industry to create a new generation of solutions. We’ll be doing more than ever to help broadband operators expand available capacity, optimise performance and monetise the growth on their networks.”

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